Digital Games

Leadership • Game Design • Scaffolding

I had the amazing opportunity to participate in two NSF funding projects on digital games for STEM education:

eRebuild. A 3D game focusing on the concepts of geometry, ratios, and proportions. I led the design team to develop instructional support tools and scaffoldings for knowledge acquisition and game performance. I directed weekly meetings and oversaw the project design process. Together, we created over 40 learning supports for all the game levels and designed the UX/UI for adaptive and linear game paths in a tight timeline for data collection.

Physics Playground. A 2D game targeting Newton’s law of physics. We worked closely with subject matter experts to design game tasks, develop learning videos, and create assessments on various physics topics. We developed 7 types of learning and affective supports, created and validated assessments for retention and transfer, and organized and facilitated workshops.


• Leadership

• Instructional Design

• Game-based Learning

• Research


• Premiere

• After Effects

• Unity

• Photoshop

Game Tasks

In both projects, we worked with SMEs and teachers to understand high school curriculums, such as the Common Core Standards. The goal was to develop tasks that reflected real-world scenarios to enhance transfer and help students comprehend how sciences and math work in our day-to-day lives.

In Physics Playground, players draw simple machines, such as pendulums to move a ball to hit a balloon (video by Ahmad Rahimi)