99 app

In this project, I collaborated with Younder to design and develop learning solutions for 99 app. The mission was to transform technology into engaging experiences to increase awareness of the importance of human relations. On an extremely tight timeline, we developed an incredible learning journey for 99 Taxi, accessed by over 850.000 online learners and presented to over 750 learners during 20 face-to-face lectures in four regions of Brazil.

To achieve this goal, we implemented many instructional strategies to enhance effective cognitive processing and improve retention and transfer:

  • Practice: throughout the course, we provided learners with various practice opportunities, such as quizzes and questions to reflect on.
  • Retention: retention was promoted by presenting a 3-minute take away video at the end of each topic summarizing the lesson’s key points.
  • Transferability: we developed 9 videos showing case scenarios to help learners reflect on real-world applications of the content.
  • Chunking: we broke the content into short lessons to avoid overwhelming learners with too much new information.

See below examples of multimedia materials developed based on 99 app’s branding.


  • Learning content
  • Graphic design
  • Motion graphics
  • Videos
  • Visual ID


  • Premiere
  • Illustrator
  • Animations
  • After Effects