Augmented Reality



EVA Publisher is a Brazilian publisher owned by the Perfect Liberty Institution (PL), founded in 1974 and located in São Paulo. The brand is committed to designing products that promotes self-improvement contents. The main product is a monthly printed newspaper called Perfect Liberty News, which is free-distributed nationwide in Brazil and has an average of 9,000 readers.

Goal: create a special edition to celebrate the 54th anniversary of Perfect Liberty’ youth precepts. The edition should reflect the energetic and enthusiastic target population.

Target Audience

  • Young adults (15 to 25 years old)
  • Men and women
  • Single
  • They are part of the Perfect Liberty youth community

  • Technology early adopters
  • Students or early career stage
  • They are engaged in social media platforms
  • They like to spend time with their friends

The Big Picture

The newspaper’s extensive years of publications have been targeting the entire Perfect Liberty community, offering specific sections to address various readers. The Special Edition focuses on the young community by offering topics chosen by the target population (according to survey results). Our goal is to promote creativity and allow young readers to identify themselves with the edition and feel motivated to take part in the community.


I proposed to use Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance this edition with technology, creativity and interaction. PL youth community is very full of life with countless events occurring throughout the months and in various cities in Brazil. The most challenge part when designing the newspaper is selecting the best pictures to showcase the community’s vivacity. To address this challenge, the AR features allow readers to enjoy more multimedia content such as galleries, music, and animations. All readers have to do is scan the printed version with a smart device.

Scanning the printed newspaper with a smart device. Alternatively, readers can use AR Goggles to have a more “Harry Potter” experience (common comparison made by many users).
We used Layar App to host our media. The app projects the motion graphics according to the camera perspective.
Reader could hear the music that was launched in the event.

Design and Development

To complete the Special Edition, the work was divided into four phases:

  • Design a printed version that its content does not rely on the augmented reality media.
  • Develop a series of motion graphics to overlap seamlessly with the printed version.
  • Create interactions such as interactive gallery on the AR app.
  • Test the responsiveness at different internet speeds.

Example of two pages from the printed version.
The edition contains various layouts (as asked by the client).

Printed poster

We also embedded a printed poster in the newspaper. Readers could unfold the center pages to receive a 21×24″ poster. The poster contains the five PL youth precepts and features the gesture used by the young community when they are reading the precepts out loud. The gesture, which is a hand with the index finger pointing up, represents their commitment to live toward world peace and always move forward.

Youth community saying out loud the PL’s youth precepts.
Poster with the symbolic gesture of their precepts. [Original photo by kjpargeter – edited for simulation]


“We received a lot of positive feedback from readers. We were able to bring innovation and strength our relationship with the customers. To this day, this Special Edition is a reference in the publisher and it is seen with lots of cherish from our readers.”

Tatiana Siqueira – EVA Publisher

“Incredible! When I pick the newspaper and downloaded the app… Wow! the newspaper had movements! Of course, I read first the articles with the AR features. When I got home, I showed the newspaper to my roommate and she was speechless, we had never experienced what AR was.”

Bruno Pelochs Barbino