Avatar App


Have you ever imagined yourself as a Burton’s character? Now you can!

Burton Style Factory is an app, created for academic purpose (not available to download), in which you can combine different types of eyes, clothes, mouths, and hair to build your own avatar. All items are inspired in Tim Burton’s style.

This app prototype is a final academic project from my first Computational Media class in 2014. I’ve never worked in coding before, which is why this project was even more exciting! I got the honor to learn from a great artist, Daniel Rozin. If you haven’t looked at his portfolio, click here, I am sure you will loved it!

I always liked Tim Burton’s animated movies, and I always wanted to see what I would look like if I was one of his character. This simple desire inspired me to create an app prototype to allow people to build their own Burton-style-avatar. I had so much fun creating all kinds of different hairstyle, clothes, mouths, and eyes.