Renata Kuba is a designer, researcher, and lover of experience design. She began her professional career in São Paulo, working with various cool companies. In 2009, she founded Kuba Design, a digital agency, where she has since developed wide-ranging designs for agencies, e-learning, and editorial brands. In 2014, she moved to New York to pursue a Master’s in Interactive Media at NYU, and now she is working toward her Ph.D. in Learning Technologies at FSU.

Whether in the digital realm or print scale, she combines innovation and creativity to build engaging experiences, and her work is exceptionally diverse, ranging from branding to instructional products. When she is not creating artistic things for her clients, she likes to write about her experiences in her blog and share some creative arts on her Instagram.

— “I feel that my career is deep-rooted within me because I do nothing without a touch of creativity. Design is more than my profession; it is my main hobby!”


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Honors and Awards

2018 – 2nd place, FSU Portfolio Contest, sponsored by Enterprise
2016 – Times Electronic Square Garden (art installation) – New York, NY
2014 –  Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program (received $40,000 academic scholarship)
2009 – Exhibition at Spielwarenmesse International Toy – Nuremberg, Germany
2008 – 1st place, 4th Brazil’s National Game Design Competition


Nominations (Brazilian Federal Public Service)

2016 – 1st place, Graphic Designer at Osasco Town Hall (among 800 other applicants)
2014 – 2nd place, Visual Programmer at Sao Paulo Virtual University
2012 – 1st place, Instructional Designer at Sao Caetano University
2012 – 2nd place, Visual Programmer at Federal University of ABC



Shute, V.J., Smith, G., Kuba, R., Dai, C., Rahimi, S., Liu, Z., & Almond, R. (2020). The design, development, and testing of learning supports for the Physics Playground game. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Shute, V.J., Rahimi, S., Smith, G., Ke, F., Almond, R., Dai, C., Kuba, R., Yang, X., Liu, Z., & Sun, C. (2020). Maximizing learning without sacrificing the fun: Stealth assessment, adaptivity, and learning supports in educational games. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning


Invited Talk

Kuba, R. (2019, November). Visual design principles in multimedia learning. Talk at Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL.

Kuba, R. (2017, March). Graphic and digital design: Job, career, and projects. Talk at the workshop “We Want to Know” hosted by Juventude PL, SP, Brazil.



Kuba, R., Shute, V., & Rahimi, S. (2021, April). Students’ perceived competence and extrinsic and intrinsic motivation in a physics educational game. Poster to be presented at the American Educational Research Association International Conference, United States.

Kuba, R., Smith, G., Dai, C., & Rahimi, S. (2020, November). Applying multimedia principles in the design and development of learning support videos in game-based learning. Paper presented at the Association of Educational Communications and Technology International Conference, United States.

Kuba, R., & Jeong, A. (2019, October). Visual design principles in multimedia learning. Paper presented at the Association of Educational Communications and Technology International Conference, Las Vegas, NV.